charm, n.animal.
charm a babii, katuu, bilis me a malk; cheremel.
blil a charmexpr.barn; shed for animals.
chad er a charmexpr.butcher; cattle-raiser.
chermek el (pet) dog.
chermem el katuuexpr.your (pet) cat.
See also:
> My dog has fur which is black fur.
> Those that were killed by wild animals, I didn't take them to you.
> Do you know that Ngeriungs is an important Bird Area in the world?
> The meat will be eaten by the old man.
> The beast told them to build an image in honor of the beast that had been wounded by the sword and yet lived.
> Like the insects which stays at ashes of fire but doesn't burn.
You're near a situation which needs immediate attention but you don't lend a hand.
> Feeding Rebabch's pet.
A pet (unspecified) owned by Rebabch was gluttonous and bady behaved. Neighbors often fed the animal, but it always demanded more and never returned the favors with friendliness. Applied, usually by a third party, to someone who has done many favors for another only to be repaid with unkindness.
More Examples:
> I'm a bit afraid of his horses.
> My pet fruit bat flew away.
> He has horses.
> Our house is a bit closer to the zoo.
> That bird is cowering with folded wings.

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