mengerad, v.t.crumble or crush (food, earth, etc.) into small pieces; mess up; put into disorder; misinterpret; misquote.
mengerad a chorad; mriid; chordengii a keik; chorad a kall; cherdengel; mengerad a mengesengsang; melebisech a tekoi; ngii di lolekoi; mengerad a cheldecheduch; cherdengel.
/chordengii a mengerad er ngii. a mengerad.
/cherdengall to be crumbled or crushed.
cherdengall a kirel mecherad; omriid er ngii, chordengii, risois a cherdengall, cherdengel.
cherradv.r.s.crumbled; crushed; messed up; covered with sores; unhealed; rampant.
cherrad a mla mecherad; chordengii chorad a kall; medeel er a rechad; a cherrad el kall.
mecheradv.erg.get covered with sores.
> You're talking nonsense.
> Drinking is rampant here./People are drinking up a storm (at this party).
> The party is in full swing.

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