char, n.price; cost; amount of money for purchase.
char a udoud el omechar, cheral a blai, melai a char.
cheraln.poss.3scheral a char er ngii, cheral a mlai.
cheremamn.poss.1peour (exclusive) price or cost.
cheremiun.poss.2pyour (plural) prices or costs.
cherrirn.poss.3ptheir prices or costs.
oltobed a cheral expr.take out money for pay for (something).
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> Fish is expensive.
> How much does it cost?
> The amount of money has become more than the cost of the house.
> The prices for watches are pretty low in Hong Kong.
> Like seaweed at Kosiil, out with the tide and in with the tide.
Kosiil is a location in the lagoon where the seaweed can be seen to bend in and out with the tide. The idiom is applied to a leader who is too flexible and unreliable. In the short form (Kora char ra Kosiil) it may simply mean, "I'll go along with what you decide."
More Examples:
> Friends, these prices on canned mackerel are outrageous!
> Cigarrette prices has gone up a lot.
> The electric bill this month is a bit high.
> No. The price is reasonable
> Is the food expensive at Denny's?
chur, n.laughter; laughing.
chur a dereuakl, ocherechur, rekebil a metemella er a chur.
cheremamn.poss.1peour (exclusive) laughs.
cheremiun.poss.2pyour (plural) laughs.
cherrirn.poss.3ptheir laughs.
kimir a cherilexpr.giggle; chuckle; small laugh; smirk.
See also:
> Don't laugh so much!
> God has brought me joy and laughter.
> That really makes me want to laugh.
More Examples:
> He cooked crab and shrimps.
> I'm smirking at the people working for the government, do they think they own these government vehicles when they're behind the wheels.
> We went to the small pond yesterday and there were shrimps.

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