chesimer, n.door; cage; enclosure.
chesimer a melenget; tengetengel a tuangel, chosmerii, chosimer a blai, chesmerel.
chesmereln.poss.3schesmerel a chesimer er ngii.
ouchesimerv.t.have door made out of (particular product, substance, etc.).
chesmerel a madoexpr.moving part of window.
chesmerel a door.
melai a the door.
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> Droteo opened the meeting.
> The gate opened for them by itself.
> The door was opened by one of the teachers to cool down the classroom.
> The door was carefully opened by the teacher.
> The door opened.
More Examples:
> He is trying to squeeze his hand through the window to open the door.
> I didn't notice and accidentally slammed the door on my hand.
> Tom is the one farthest from the door
> Who is the one closest to the door?
> Please close the door.

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