mengesimer, v.t.close (door, window); conclude (meeting); put in jail; confine; lock in (as punishment).
mengesimer a chosmerii; chosimer a blai; diak el teleu; chesmerel. a mengesimer er ngii; tongetengii. a mengesimer.
chachesimerv.recip.shut each other in (as a game).
chachesimer a di du el mengesimer; chosmerii, chosimer, chachesimer a blirir, chesmerel.
chelsimerv.r.s.closed; confined; locked in (e.g., as punishment).
chelsimer a telengetongel, diak le belkais, diak le nglai a chesmerel; blutek, mla mechesimer; chosmerii er a kelebus, chesmerel.
/chesmoll to be closed, confined or locked in (e.g. as punishment).
chesmoll a kirel el mechesimer; chosmerii, chosimer, merechorech a chesmoll er a kelebus.
mechechesimerv.erg.redup.easy to close.
mechechesimer a beot el mechesimer.
mechesimerv.erg.mechesimer a chelsimer chosmerii, metenget; chosimer a tuangl, chesmerel. starting to close.
mengesmerang a mocha mengesimer. about to close.
mengesmerung a mochu mengesimer; kmeed el mengesimer.
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mengosm, v.t.tap or rap on; hit (head); ring (bell).
mengosm a chosmii a beached; chuosm a kambalang el mo er ngii a ngerel; chesmel. a mengosm er ngii. a mengosm; mengelebed.
chachosmv.recip.hit (each other's heads).
chachosm a didu el mengosm, chosmii, chuosm, chachosm a beached, chesmel.
chelosmv.r.s.tapped or rapped on; rung.
chelosm a mla mechosm; chosmii, mengosm er a kambalang, chesmel.
/chesmoll to be tapped or rapped on; is to be rung.
chesmall a kirel el mechosm; chesmoll, chosmii, chuosm a kambalang, mengosm, chesmel.
chesmoll a chesmall.
mengosmv.i. (clock) strike.
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