mengid, v.t.turn or nod (neck) to one side; twist or wring (something).
mengid a mengam er ngii; chidir a chiklel, chelid el cheukl; mengid a melebes el melemall a dellomel; chidir, chemid a dait, dait a chelid. a dour; mengid, chidir a chiklel, chemid, mechid a chiukl; chidir a mengid er ngii, chidir a dait; duebes el tomall a delomel.
chelidv.r.s.(neck) turned to one side; (something) twisted or wrung.
chelid a omur; chidir a chiklel, chelid a chiklel, mengid er a chiklel; chelid a telemall el delomel, dait el delebes el cheroid er techel me ng diak el dubech.
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> Once upon a time, there was a god named Meluadeangel.
> the first house of work to spread God's word in this country
> Which of their gods can predict the future?
> Like the gods of Ngebukd, completed up above.
As part of the festivities of a village feast or in celebration of some event, such as the completion of a community hall, Palauan young people produce a variety of named dances. One type of dance, called ruk, was never conducted in Ngebukd (in Ngaraard, northern Palau). It was said that the gods of the village had done their dancing in heaven before coming to earth and thus it was not necessary for the people of Ngebukd to dance. The saying pertains to a completed task, indicating to another that the work need not be repeated.
More Examples:
> Unruly kids that have twisted the pigeon's neck so it died.

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