mengetakl, v.t.troll for (fish); hold or lead (someone) by the hand; carry (something) in the hand at one's side; lead (animal, etc.); tow (boat, etc.); persuade; convince; string (person) along (without paying debt, etc.); attract; lure.
mengetakl a ngar a chei el ousbech a chetakl; chotakl a ngikel; cheteklel. mengetakl a olab er a chimal; choteklii a til; cheteklel. a mengetakl er ngii. a mengetakl.
chachetaklv.recip.walking hand-in-hand; (boats, cars, etc.) connected by towling.
chachetakl a kaiuereked chim; choteklii a sechelil, didu el chachetikaik el mo melim.
cheltaklv.r.s.held/led by the hand.
cheltakl a mla mechetakl; chotakl, choteklii a til, mengetakl a ngikel, cheteklel.
cheltekillv.r.s.held or led by the hand; carried; towed; persuaded; carrying something.
cheltekill a cheltakl, mengetakl. to be held or led by the hand; is to be carried, towed or persuaded; easily persuaded; (woman) easily seduced.
chetekill a beot el mechetakl; di ngera e ng mechetakl; diak a uldesuel; di remurt a ngor; choteklii, cheteklel.
mengchechetaklv.t.redup.troll casually; walk casually holding hand of child, etc.
mengchechetakl a di mengetakl; omenged; mengetakl a ralm; choteklii; chotakl a tekuu, cheteklel a tekuu.
omengetakln.omengetakl a ta er a bedengel a omenged, mengetakl.
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> Toki persuaded Droteo to go to the police.
> She held Rehina's hand and sang it.
More Examples:
> My dad went trolling last night. Caught a barracuda.
mengitakl, v.t.sing; (insect) buzz.
mengitakl a chad el mengoit er a chiklel; choiteklii, choitakl a chesols, chiteklel a derebechesiil. a mengitakl er ngii. a mengitakl.
chelitaklv.r.s.sung. be sung.
chitekill a kirel el mechitakl; choiteklii a "Belau el oba klisiich"; mengitakl er ngii.
mechitakl a choiteklii; choitakl, mengitakl, mla mechitakl a chalibasosoi.
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> Our Palau will be sung to please the guests.
> She held Rehina's hand and sang it.
> Our Palau will be sung eagerly.
> It's sort of or like a Japanese song.
More Examples:
> There is singing at the clubhouse tonight that is good to hear.
> We were listening to the radio. They were playing Belauan songs.
> My dad went trolling last night. Caught a barracuda.

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