bkul a chim, expr.elbow.
chim, n.hand; arm; front paws (of animal); help; assistance; manual labor; person sent to help.
chim a klekedellel a chad el uldeod er a cheiechad, chim a orreked a klalo; chimal.
kemanget a chimal , expr.prone to stealing things.
mereched, v.s.early; fast.
mereched a diak le meoud; mekekeam, meklekilt, orechedii a blai; oreched a urreor, rechedel.
roachel, v.s.indecisive; whimsical; prone to changing one's mind.
roachel a chimalexpr.(child) prone to grabbing at things.
See also:
tulechoid, v.s.prone to gossiping.
tulechoid a tulechidakl.

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