mengedeng, v.t.confuse; puzzle; perplex.
mengedeng a chodeng; omekerrau a reng; mesaod e bai chodeng a rengud. a mengedeng; mo rrau a renguk, mesaod e bai chodengur a renguk; mo cheldeng a renguk. a mengedeng; mesaod e bai chodeng a rengud, mo rrau a rengud; mo diak dodengei.
cheldengv.r.s.confused; puzzled; perplexed.
cheldeng a milkolk a rengul; diak le mesaod a tekoi er ngii.
mechedeng a rengulv.erg.get surprised, puzzled or perplexed (by someone's behavior, etc.).
mechedeng a rrau a rengul; cheldeng a renguk er a seked, cheldengul.
cheldeng a rengulexpr.confused; surprised; stubborn; dull-witted; slow (in understanding).
See also:
> Droteo is confusing Toki (because of what he's saying, because of his behavior, etc.).

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