chur, n.laughter; laughing.
chur a dereuakl, ocherechur, rekebil a metemella er a chur.
chur, n.tongue.
chur a ngar er a chelsel a ngor el omeob a tekoi; chural a chad.
chur, n.subsidiary rib of coconut frond (with leaves attached.
chur a churul a dui, temikel.
churul a dulexpr.rib of coconut frond.
mad, n.eye; face; point; edge; front; area or space (directly) in front of; entrance; point of access; aperture; title given to messengers.
mad a klekedellel a chad el omes; olab a ues; klidm, chelsul a mad, bsechel a mad, medal.
oldibsobs, v.t.fill with (liquid) to overflowing; pour out (large quantity of liquid).

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