, n.
taro plant.
dait a dellomel el ongraol a techel; kukau a techel a dait, ditel. A dait a dellomel; ng di ua a bisech e ng di telkib el mekekerei Ng kall a techel me a chelebedel me a llel.
diteln.poss.3sditel a dait el ngii a oudait.
> You're like a taro plant which has big leaves but is still immature (i.e., you talk big but you don't follow through).
> Like taro, though the leaves are tall, still immature.
Taro (Colocasia esculenta) is mature only when the leaves produced by the plant are small. When the plant produces its largest leaves the tuber in the ground is still quite small. The saying may be applied to a person who, while yet young and inexperienced, is proud and boastful.

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