melebdeb, v.t.redup.keep interrupting or confusing (conversation); spend (money) irresponsibly (i.e. for something other than what was intended); eat up (food) intended for special occasion; make drink out of meat and juice of (coconut).
melebdeb a meruul a delebdeb el mengur er a lius, dobdebur, dobdeb a ilumel, debdebul a mengur. a melebdeb er ngii; meruul a delebdeb el mengur. a meruul a delebdeb el mengur.
debdebv.s.always interrupting; always spending money irresponsibly.
debdeb a meterekakl; metitur el mengereomel, diak longereomel, debdeb a udoud; diak lekereomel. to be made into a drink of coconut meat and juice.
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