dechal, n.poss.3sstate of ripeness or maturity (of a fruit).
duch, n.ability; skill.
duch a meduch; dachelbai, chedechuul, duch er a omenged, ngar ngii a duch er ngii er a urreor; ngar ngii a dechal er a omerreder, meduch el merreder.
dechaln.poss.3sdechal a duch er ngii; duch er a omeruul; meduch, dachelbai, chemolt a dechal er a urreor.
ducherrengn.perseverance; ambition; strong will.
dechal a rengul expr.perseverance; ambition; strong will.
uai a decham good as you.
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> Droteo fixes cars as well as you.
> Be firm in your resolve to finish your schooling.

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