dach, n.excrement; residue; secretion.
dach a kall el mo er a chelsel a diil e me tuobed; mekngit el diak bo elrasech me ng mechoit; mechert, dechil.
blil a dachexpr.sewage plant.
dechil a cheramrouexpr.sand mound from digging of small mangrove crab.
dechil a deelexpr.rust.
dechil a iisexpr.mucus.
dechil a madexpr.secretion from eye.
dechil a uingelexpr.tartar or scum on teeth.
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> I have to go to the bathroom.
> Clean the crust from your eyes./Make sure your own house is in order before accusing others.
> It's like the first drop of feces of Ngiraidechiil.
i.e. the best or worst is yet to come. Ngiraidechiil had just assembled his fishing gear when he felt the urge to relieve himself. In the bush he started to do so when, with the first small drop of feces, a rat scooted under him and made off with it. He looked at the scurrying animal and called: "Wait, you, that was just the first drop, more and bigger ones will follow!" The resulting saying has to do with desirability of delayed rewards. It was used, for example, with reference to the first rations received from the military following World War II.

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