melakl, v.t.bury; hide (something) under; suffer death of spouse.
melakl a loia er a chelsel a chutem; doklii a ulekoad, dmakl a besbas, deklel. a melakl er ngii; sukur er a kliokl el chutem; deklel. a melakl; locha er a chelsel a chutem; dmakl a besbas, doklii, deklel. to be buried.
dekull a kirel el medakl; doklii, dmakl, ulekoad a dekull, melakl er ngii er a chutem; deklel.
delakl a delekull; mla medakl, doklii, melakl; soldau a delakl er tiang; deklel.
delekull a mla medakl er a chutem, doklii, dmakl, deklel a beldokel.
doklangv.inch.doklang a ko el mocha dmakl; melakl spouse suffers the death of the other.
kedakl a kodall a ullebengelel chebechiil; doklii, dmakl, melakl, deklel.
medaklv.erg.medakl a delakl; doklii a ulekoad; dmakl a ulengall, ngar er a chelsel a chutem; deklel.
melakl el dilexpr.widow.
melakl el sechalexpr.widower.
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> Toki has been widowed.
> Eating like laib-while eating, burying.
The laib, a bird with a long, white tail, according to lore eats ripe fruit in season, as other birds do, but also gathers scraps dropped by other birds and buries them. When other birds are hungry, the laib will dig up the scraps and eat them. Hence, one should plan ahead for lean times.

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