delebechel, of fish; herd; group (of people).
delebechel a cheldellel a betok, delebechel el ngikel; delebechel el ngalek a merael el meruu a besbas, delebechel el mekebud, delebechel el bilis.
oudelebechelv.i.(fish) move in a school.
oudelebechel a delebechel; cheldull, rekebil me a rebuik a belsiochel e oudelebechel mochang.
delebechel el of fish.
delobech, n.r.s.injury from being cut; stripe.
delobech a mla medobech; mla metuk; delebes, dobechii a chimal, melobech, debechel a ngikel.
delebecheln.poss.3sinjury from a cut; stripe; channel to the ocean.
delebechel a delobech er ngii; delobech el tebedellel a ralm el mo er a daob, delebechel er a Mechorei.
delobechn.Palauan money (half of kluk in value); fifty cents.
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