deledaes, or unoccupied time.
deledeseln.r.s.poss.3sdeledesel a dedaes er ngii; diak chelsang; mededaes, ta el deledesem e kuk di mei.
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meledaes, v.t.clear out (yard, etc.); clear off (floor, etc.); explain; clarify.
meledaes a rullii el mo diak el chelimkeluk; dmedesii a rael; dmedaes; meledaes er a cheldecheduch; dedesel. a meledaes er ngii; dmedesii a blai. a meledaes; remuul el mo mededaes, mla dmedaes a rengrir, dmedesii a rengul, dmedaes a rael; dedesel.
dedesallv.a.s.(place) is to be cleared.
dedesall a kirel el mo mededaes; dmedesii, blai a dedesall diak le chelimeluk, dmedaes.
deledaesv.r.s.(place) cleared.
deledaes a mla mededaes; medideriik; dmedesii er a mechesang, diak a chelsang, deledesel.
kledaesv.r.s.(matter) explained.
kledaes a deledaes; mla mededaes; diak le cheliseksikd; kledesel
mededaesv.erg.get cleared or explained.
mededaes a diak lemechesang; dedaes, deledesel.
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> He held discussions in the synagogue, trying to convince both Jews and Greeks.

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