melibech, v.t.invent; introduce; start (something new, independent life, etc.); compose (song, etc.); make up or fabricate (story, etc.); chip off part of blade of (tool).
melibech a meruul a beches; dibechii, duibech a chelitakl, di ngii el meruul; delbechelel. a melibech er ngii; dibechii omekedecheraol er a blai. a melibech; remuul a beches, duibech a beches el llach; meob a beches.
/dbochel to be invented, introduced or composed.
dbochel a kirel medibech; rullii a beches, dibechii a chesols, duibech a chelitakl, melibech.
delbedibechv.r.s.redup.(blade of tool) chipped in several places.
delbedibech a betok a mekekerei el delibech er ngii; blais; delbedibech a medal el oles.
v.r.s.invented; introduced; composed; (blade of tool) chipped.
delbochel a delibech; beches el merruul; ngloik a le kemeldiil a delbochel.
delibech a beches el rruul; delbochel, melibech, delibech el rael a beches.
delibechebeabdelibechebeab a rael el diak le rruul er a rechad.
dibechdibech a delibech; beches el omeruul, dibechii, melibech, dibech el delengchokl.
delibechebeab el raelexpr.rough path used as a short cut.
melibech a tekoiexpr.change one's mind.
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