chedil, n.mother (used as term of address).
chedil a okedongel a ngalek el mo er a delal, chedil a kubengkem.
delaln.poss.3sdelal a chedil er ngii; dil el oungalek er ngii a delal.
delal a blaiexpr.very large house.
delal a chelebuulexpr.disaster; calamity.
delal a maternal grandmother.
delal a diallexpr.tremendous ship.
delal a karexpr.syn. ongael.
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> My mother is in the kitchen.
> My mother was growing flowers in her garden.
> Whose mother did you see?
> My mother will wake me up.
> Your mother smells of fish! (insult).
> He ate his mother.
To marry or have intercourse with the wife of one's brother. There is a potential reciprocation in which money may go from an elder brother in return for food and service from a younger brother. Once established, particularly where the younger couple have children, a cycle of this type may continue after the younger husband has died. Marrying the wife of a deceased younger brother, then, will interrupt such a cycle. Similarly, sexual relations with this woman may jeopardize the cycle.
> The taro field is the mother of our life
Not only is taro an important staple in the Palauan diet, but a serving of taro is essential at any feast and taro is the essential food in a food-money exchange. Its importance is recognized in this idiom.
> Stinking of fish
Used of the people of Ngerechelong (northern Palau) who specialize in trap fishing. Trap fish are said to be especially oily and smelly.
More Examples:
> My mom tried to teach me how to weave hats from pandanus leaves.
> I get sad when I think of my mom and dad that are gone.
> My mother in law is a bit under the weather.
> Father/mother, I need money to go to college/university.
> What's your grandmother's name?

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