deleongel, n.relationship (between people).
deleongel a deleuill; Belau me a Merikel a kmal moiuai a deleongel er tir; ungil el deleongel er a klausechelei.
delongeleln.poss.3srelationship (between people); area or space between.
delongelel a deleongel er ngii.
See also:
> Something's wrong between Satsko and Tony.
> My child is stuck in a precarious position in those trees.
> My house is located between Toki's house and Droteo's house.
> Droteo and Toki are on very good terms.
> The boat passed between the Rock Islands.
More Examples:
> Because of the love between us we care about each other's well being.
> Belau is divided into two; the rich and wealthy and the poor, theres no caring amongst the people.
> There was no jealousy amongst siblings.
> Sit between Mary and John
> It's the object used when a man and a woman go to bed together whose purpose is to prevent pregnancy and to prevent the transmission of disease between them.

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