chedam, n.father (used as term of address).
chedam a sechal el oungalek; chedam a okedongel a ngalek el mo er demal.
demaln.poss.3sdemal a chedam er ngii el ngalek; kldemaol; demal a sechelik.
chedangn.father (term of address less formal than chedam).
ouchedamouchedam a omekedong er a demal; ngar ngii a demal.
delal a paternal grandmother.
demal a maternal grandfather.
demal a paternal grandfather.
See also:
> Droteo learned how to make canoes from his father.
> Droteo is following in his fathers footsteps (i.e., following his father's way of life).
> Droteo informed me that his father had died.
> They left their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired servants and followed Jesus.
> I am dependent on money from my father.
> Like his father, for he ate his father's premasticated food.
Applied to a child by adoption, with the implication that the adopted child resembles his adoptive father
More Examples:
> I went fishing with my dad yesterday.
> I get sad when I think of my mom and dad that are gone.
> My father-in-law had a birthday yesterday.
> How old is your father?
> My father had always made ropes from coconut husks at the boating house with his friends.

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