dengarech, v.s.lying face up; supine; placed right side up.
dengarech a chemau bab; diak el chebecheb, olekang a dengarech.
v.s.inch.start lying down with face up.
dengerchang a mla mo dengarech; diak el chebecheb; dongerechii, dongarech a kall, ngalek a dengerchang, dengerechel.
v.s.(bowl; plate; etc.) slightly rounded/nearly flat.
tukedengarech a kerik; diak el delluchel; tukedengarech el belatong.
dengarech a btil expr.woman with easy-to-reach vagina.
tokedengarech a btilexpr.(woman) having well-positioned vagina.
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> She's like the clams at Murael, lying face up (and open) and asking for news.
i.e., she just sits at home asking passersby about what's going on outside. Murael is a reef near Ngerechelong where, as elsewhere in Palau, the various kinds of tradacna shell bask, open and feeding, in the shallow lagoon. The saying applies to gullibility combined with high curiosity for news and to persons who simply sit at home, letting the happenings of the community come to them via passing persons.

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