, n.
porcupine fish.
derudm a ta er a bedngel a ngikel el di tungd a bedengel el rokir. A derudm a charm; ng ta er a bedengel a ngikel er a daob. Ng diak el sal el meklou el charm; ng becheleleu a delel e chedelekelek a ulkel. A tengdel a di ultom er a ikrel a budel. A tengdel a ua a tengdel a sausab e ng di medecherecher. Ng kall.
> Like one who has eaten the thorny puffer fish, full of many things.
The thorny puffer fish is sometimes gulped by the wide-mouthed grouper fish. The puffer, expanding and extending its thorns in the grouper's mouth, renders the latter rather "full of things" and completely helpless. Groupers in this predicament are occasionally caught by fishermen. The idiom is applied to anyone who faces more problems, more work, or more sweethearts than he can cope with.

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