did, n.bridge; ladder.
did a omech a rael er a bita me a bitang; didil a omoachel.
didiln.poss.3sdidil a did er ngii el omoachel.
didalln.a.s.name of causeway joining Meyuns and Koror.
didall a rael er a daob ei omech a beluu; didall a did el didil a omerael, didall er a Oreor el mo er a Meiungs.
didelboi a did er a omelemiakl; melemiakl er a didelboi.
n.milky way; any constellation.
didilachedebetei a cheldellel a btuch er a eanged, betok el btuch el blechobech a didilachedbetei.
didil a charmexpr.beams or rafters at ends and sides of house (on which rats often run).
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> Droteo is following in his fathers footsteps (i.e., following his father's way of life).
> He was climbing on the ladder when his foot slipped and he fell.
> The boat passed under the bridge.
More Examples:
> There was a crash by the bridge. Nobody got hurt.
> I stepped on a stone fish under the bridge.

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