ngebard, n.west; west wind; (non-indigenous) pineapple.
ngebard a meklou el beluu el diak el iungs; chad er a ngebard; klalo er a ngebard.
ngeberdeln.poss.3sngeberdel a mo bedul a ngebard er ngii; ngeberdel a Babeldaob a keiukl.
dimesngebard a delongelel a dimes me a ngebard.
n.season of constant west wind and little rain.
meltaltngebard a mesisiich e melemolem a eolt el eltel ngebard; diak a klou el chull.
ongolngebard a dellomel, ourodech, merekos a rdechel. A ongolngebard a dellomel; ng diak el sal meklou el dellomel; ng diak a rechelel. Ng di kmeed el ua a teletelel a choais. Ng ourodech e kall a redechel.
chad er a ngebardexpr.Westerner; foreigner (including Japanese).
kall er a ngebardexpr.Western food.
> The sun rises in the East and sets in the West.
> Year-west.
The Palauan year, conforming roughly to fall-winter, when the wind blows generally from the west.
More Examples:
> The wind is coming from the southwest.
> The wind is coming from the west.
> My American friend is learning Palauan.
> We went to pick up my brother that flew in from the states.

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