blsibs, n.(small) hole (e.g., made by a drill).
ding, n.ear.
ding a klekedellel a chad; ding a orrenges; dingal.
mechad, v.s.deaf.
mechad a mekngit el orrenges; diak lorrenges; mechad a dingal, mechedengel, mechedengoel.
mechas, n.old woman; titled woman; foreign woman; male's father's sisters; girlfriend; wife.
mechas a chuodel dil, mechesei, mechesil a beluu.
, v.t.stuff (mouth, stomach) with food; stuff (inside of turkey, etc.) with stuffing; stuff (pillow, etc.); stuff (clothing, etc.) into box, etc.; cock or set (gun); pump air into airgun; (fish) nibble at (fishing line, etc.).
melchesech a mesuk; sochesechii a ngerel er a kall, sochesech a chiull; sechesechel.
melechesech a omekek er ngii; melechesech er a ngerel er a kall; melechesech a ngikel el menga er a uaol; a kerelek a melechesech.
olechau, v.caus.attract (person's, someone's glance or attention); call out to.
olechau a omekedong el melau el oba chimal; ocheuir, ochau a ues; ocheuil.

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