diu, n.shout; yell.
diu a klou el ngor; oldiu, ngar er ngii a klou el diu, diul.
delal a diuexpr.very loud noise.
diul a mekemadexpr.war cry or call.
ngelekel a diuexpr.small amount of shouting.
> Some shouting has begun.
> They removed him from power.
> They both left at the same time.
> They both don't know anything and yet they're trying to explain.
> Let's go together.
dui, n.coconut frond; bunch of coconut fronds tied together as symbol of power.
dui a llel a lius.
See also:
> They removed him from power.
> They will both leave tomorrow.
> Title pride.
A title (dui, also "coconut leaf," which is sometimes used as the receptacle for a title pending the selection of a successor) is to be worn in humility, but a person who has just received a new title may sometimes be oppressively haughty or prideful.
More Examples:
> So what if he holds a title?

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