melebedebek, v.t.think or remember about; ponder; expect; have or keep in mind.
melebedebek a melatk; omdasu; dobedebekii; dobedebek a mla omilil er tir, debedebekel. a melebedebek er ngii, lotkii. a mla lmatk; ak mla dobedebek a meldu el tekoi; dobedebekii, debedebekel.
/debedebekall to be thought about or remembered.
debedebokel a kirel el mudasu, kirel el medebedebek a meldung el tekoi; dobedebekii, dobedebek a urreor el kirel a klengeasek.
debedebekall a debedebokel.
v.r.s.thought about; remembered.
delbedebek a mla medebedebek; lotkiang; dobedebekii, dobedebek a meldung; lmatk, debedebekel.
dobedebekangv.t.inch.dobedebekang a mla dobedebek; a kulebes e lotkang.
melbedebekangv.t.inch.beginning to think.
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> I'm thinking about my home.
> I was thinking or expecting that Toki would come to class, but she didn't come.
More Examples:
> Do you still remember when you were young?

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