dobodeb, v.s.calm (after being angry); calmed down; mellow; mellowed.
dobodeb a dolechakl; dikea le kesib a rengul, chelellekla rengul.
> I also will clap my hands, and my anger will be over.
melebodeb, v.t.weigh (exactly or approximately); apportion; limit (e.g., one's eating).
melebodeb a osiik a berraod; dobedebii; dobodeb; debedebel. a melebodeb er ngii, mla dobedebii a babii. a melebodeb a kukau.
/debedabel to be weighed.
debedeball a debedabel
debedabel a kirel el medebodeb; mesiik a berredel, dobedebii, dobodeb a ngikel, melebodeb, debedebel.
v.r.s.weighed; apportioned; limited.
delebodeb a mla medebodeb; mla mesiik a berredel; ngikel a delebedabel, dobedebii, dobodeb, debedebel.
dobedebangv.inch.dobedebang a ko el mocha dobodeb; melebodeb a ngikel, dobedebii, debedebel. weighing together.
kedebodeb a rebetok el chad el melebodeb; dobedebii a babii, dobodeb a ngikel, debedebel.
mededebodebv.erg.redup.mededebodeb a mekudem el melebodeb; beot el medebodeb; dobedebii a babii, smiik a berredel a babii; debedebel.
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> I also will clap my hands, and my anger will be over.

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