melechel, v.t.increase or raise amount of (esp., when previous amount insufficient).
melechel a locha dechelel; mdois, dochel a udoud, dochelir a kall.
/dochelii a loia dechelel; mo klou; betok; dochel.
/dilechelir a mdois; locha dechelel; remuul el mo betok, mla dochel a udoud.
/dechioll to be increased or raised in amount.
dechelaol a kirel el medechel; kirel lmuut el mo betok; mo er ngii a dechelel; udoud a dechelaol.
delechelv.r.s.increased or raised in amount.
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> I have assigned as the possession of your tribes the land of the nations that are still left, as well as of all the nations that I have already conquered.
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> I only have two months to pay off for my car.

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