dolech, n.depth; tide.
dolech a delechel a ralm me a daob, klou a dolech; keriik, dmolech a chei, delechel.
oleached, v.t.rush (against time, tide, deadline, etc.).
oleached a orreched; oeached el melekoi, oleached er a dolech, oechedii, oechedel.
ollik, v.s.(bucket, etc.) filled to top.
ollik a kllou el dolech; ulturek a dolech; ollik a ralm er a mesei; ollik a dolech, keriik.
ollik a dolechexpr.tide is at (normal) high point.
, v.t.wait for high or incoming tide.
omkeriik a mengiil er a keriik; bilas a omkeriik e mochu omekall.
, v.i.sit (on floor) like a man (i.e. with both knees up, or with one knee up and other on the floor); squat; (birds) sit or perch.
reboreb a ulekdereboreb a ochil; delengcheklel a sechal; dereberebel.

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