mengedereder, v.t.head; rule; govern.
mengedereder a merreder; olsisechakl; choderderii a blai; odereder a beluu, omekrael, chederderel. a mengedereder er ngii mesirii, omesiur er a chad; mla dorderii me ng oitii a urreor. a mengedereder; odereder, mla doreder me te di meruul kung, omesiur er a rechad; derderel.
v.s.always wanting to lead; domineering; bossing; pushy.
bechechedereder a soal el mengedereder a kirel me a diak.
/chederdall to be headed/ruled/governed/explained; under someone else's power/supervision.
chederdall a derdall; kirel el merreder; rebeluu a chederdall er a bdelul a beluu, chederdellel.
derrederv.r.s.headed; ruled; governed.
derreder a ulekrael; cheldereder, mla medereder; mechedereder, mosisechakl, derreder me te meduch a urreor.
mechederederv.erg.mechedereder a doreder; olecholt; omekrael; dorderii, urreor a kirel el mechedereder, chederderel.
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