ears, n.sail; type of giant taro.
ears a klalo el omuked a eolt e orrurt a bekall er a daob, ears a rruul er a mamed me a cheleuikl el such; resel a bos.
reseln.poss.3sresel a ears er ngii; ears er a mlai er a daob.
beches el earsexpr.recent immigrants to village.
mechut el earsexpr.early immigrants to a village.
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> New sails.
Lineages so classed are of widely known recent origin in the village. Members are not considered eligible for clan title, though in recent decades of general depopulation many title holders are called "beches el yars" behind their backs.
> Old sails.
Lineages so named can be traced, by clan historians, to origins outside of the village of residence, but they have been around long enough for their "sails" (of the hypothetical canoe that brought them) to have become old. Generally speaking, members of such lineages will be able to obtain some titles in the clan to which they belong, but not if persons of equal ability are available in the techel a miich ranking.
olechukl, n.wooden frame of handnet (derau).
olechekleln.poss.3solecheklel a olechukl er ngii.
olechukl earsexpr.place for making sails.

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