eolt, n.wind; breeze; air; storm; typhoon.
eolt a cheluut; ngebard a eolt, eolt er a ongos, meses a eolt, ses el eolt; eltel.
elteln.poss.3seltel a eolt er ngii el beluu.
meleoltv.s.meleolt a mededaes a rengul; melemalt a rengul, remenges a mekngit e obes, chemoit.
meraeleoltn.strong; variable wind.
eltel a ngebardexpr.west wind.
meleolt a rengulexpr.(person) carefree or nonchalant; (person) not easily disturbed or content to let things happen as they may.
See also:
> He's in a very good mood (esp., after drinking).
> The wind/storm has abated.
> Whenever a spider has disappeared (from its web), I take it as a sign that there will be a big storm.
> They will be like trees whose branches are burned by fire, whose blossoms are blown away by the wind.
> Whenever I'm with you, it seems as if we're always going from one thing to another.
> Like the Bilimbi tree which, if not shaken, will not bear fruit.
Applied to a person who does not fulfill their obligations without constant prodding or nagging.
> The wind sleeps in the eskiik bush.
Around March the wind quiets at about dusk and begins to pick up the next morning. During the night the wind is said to sleep in the eskiik, a small shrub common on the hills of Palau. A quiet night is appropriate in the Palauan view because economically important fruit trees, such as breadfruit, are setting their buds at this time. This period of budding is thought to be analogous to the second or third month of human pregnancy, when exertion or shock may precipitate a miscarriage. If the winds blow strong at night during this time, elders note that the season will be poor as far as fruit harvest is concerned. The eskiik bush, where the wind sleeps, has a characteristic bad odor said to be caused by the wind performing its "natural functions."
> Like the weathervane at Saipan
This is a new idiom, probably coming into the language as a result of changes in policy whereby Saipan, in the past couple of decades, has been in and out of the Trust Territory as administered by the Department of the Interior. Application is to the indecisive or changeable leader
More Examples:
> I was driving to the store when I got a flat tire.
> Where is the wind coming from?
> My banana tree fell over from the wind last night.
> It seems like there is a possibilty of a typhoon.
> From which direction is the wind coming from?

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