imiit, v.i.miss; fail to hit; pass by or over; go from one state to another.
imiit a iit, diak el taut; imiit er a delenguchel, ometech e imiit, omurech e imiit, ietel, iit er ngii.
v.s.inch.finishing; passing by or over.
/ietu about to finish or be over.
Ng ieta a chelsang.expr.The work is over.
Ng ieta a sils.expr.It's past the hottest part of the day.
imiit a medalexpr.asleep.
ungil ieta silsexpr.good early afternoon (after chodochosong).
See also:
> The child is about to fall asleep.
> The year is over.
> The worst is over.
> The work is over.
> Toki has given birth.
> Aiming at the ground and missing?
From a folk tale in which the hero rebukingly challenges another to aim his spear at the ground to see if he can hit it.The saying may be applied to a situation where a person of ability is expected to succeed at a task with ease, whereas others have failed.
> Are there any who spear at the ground and miss?
Used to describe something that is easily accomplished.
More Examples:
> Good early afternoon.
> You have to rake the yard in the afternoon.

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