kid, mod.contentless word used for emphasis. they (things) are.
sei kidexpr.there it is; that thing over there.
tia kid
/tiaikid it is; this thing here.
> Here's book.
> Our Palau will be sung to please the guests.
> Here's Droteo.
> Our Palau will be sung eagerly.
> Everytime We come here, you ridicule us. Am I your inferior?
> Narrow was our birth as humans.
The saying defines life as a confined, perilous journey, symbolized by the painful narrowness of the birth canal. Generally applied to the trials of life, or sometimes by a parent to a child that does not want to do his chores.
More Examples:
> What are the odds that we win the baseball game?
> Maybe it's just our destiny.
> Excluding Ulang seems excessive.

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