, n.Palauan honey bee (does not sting).
chelatngikl a charm el melenges; meruul a ilaot.
blil a chelakngiklexpr.bee hive.
ilotel a chelakngiklexpr.honey.
> Like the honey bee, celebrating without first boiling down the coconut syrup.
Once coconut syrup, dripping from the cut flower stem, is collected it is thickened by boiling. The honeybee, however, collects his nectar, puts it in the hive without boiling it, then proceeds to fly around noisily as though celebrating the completed task. Hence, to talk or boast loudly about successes and accomplishments when one has none; to make plans but never carry them out; to celebrate without cause.
More Examples:
> The Belauan honey bees are making honey.
ilaot, n.coconut syrup (made by boiling chemadech = coconut sap); nectar; any sweet liquid.
ilaot a chemadech er a lius el mesengoes el mo smiich; ilotel a lius, ilaot a merkos.
iloteln.poss.3scoconut syrup.
ilotel a ilaot el ngii a ouilaot, ilotel a chelatngikl.
ilotel a chilakngilexpr.honey.
See also:
> Like the ilaot [coconut juice] of Ngetkib, mixing itself.
Probably of folk-tale derivation, the idiom may be applied to a man who has married too close to his own clan, thus not gaining the assistance of the wife's clan in food and services, since this would amount to the clan giving to itself. Also applied to a situation where a person expects to have some service performed for him but ends up doing it himself.
> Like the man who made coconut syrup in Ngesebei, dipping from half-filled containers to keep one overflowing.
Pertains to a situation which may have occurred in Ngesebei, a small hamlet in Ngardmau (northern Palau): a coconutsyrup specialist always kept one coconutshell container full and in sight of guests, who, thus, would think that all of his containers were full. The idiom applies to any pointed display of opulence. It's a deceptive display of wealth.

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