iis, n.nose; curved board at entrance of bai laid on top of kuoku or chututem.
iis a klekedellel a klidm, urrereel a iis a melungl a bau, ungil a isngel a tmungl a bau.
isngeln.poss.3sisngel a iis er ngii, chad er a Merikel a teterbius a isngel.
bita a isngelexpr.having only one nostril.
medulel a iisexpr.bridge of nose.
> Our nose is close (to the mouth), but cannot be licked.
i.e. we shouldn't be too sure of, or overconfident in, ourselves. The nose is very close to the mouth, but, no matter how reassuringly available, it cannot be licked by the tongue. The idiom cautions those who are careless with their possessions to be less assured about wealth.
More Examples:
> His nose is broad.
> This person has a long nose.
> I have a nose bleed!

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