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, n.
ius a charm el kiei a daob me a omoachel; bekeu el charm.
iusbeluun.scorpion .
iusbeluu a ta er a bedengel a charm er a beluu el ko er a ius. A iusbeluu a charm; ng kmal mekekerei el charm. Kede metik er a beluu. Ng ko er a mechedelekelek a bedengel. Ng diak el kall.
ius er a Belauexpr.Palauan crocodile (without webbed feet).
ius er a chomoteexpr.non-indigenous crocodile (with webbed feet).
More Examples:
> I'm scared to get bitten by a crocodile.
> The crocodile and I had a snatching match for the crab in the channel.
kuk, n.(finger, toe) nail.
kuk a kekul a chim me a ouach; menguld el olab a kekul.
kekuln.poss.3s(finger, toe) nail.
kekul a kuk er ngii, a kekul a ekebil a bekerekard.
kekul a chimn.fingernail.
kekul a iusexpr.hanging club moss.
kekul a's claw.
kekul a oachexpr.toenail.
See also:
> Go to Droteo instead.
> Patience is better than pride.
> Can you help God stretch out the sky and make it as hard as polished metal?
> They would weigh more than the sands of the sea, so my wild words should not surprise you.
> It is better to be patient than powerful.
More Examples:
> Actions speak more than words.
> My attached (not blood) sister cares for me more than my real sisters because she always helps with all of my cultural obligations.
> His ears are bigger than elephant taro leaves.
> Ulang keeps dwelling and fermenting in the past and gets all worked up and shut down.
> Maybe it's just our destiny.

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