omurech, v.t.spear; pierce.
omurech a oba biskang, mrechii a ngikel; mengaidechedang el omurech; murech a ngikel. a omurech er ngii; brechel. a omurech; mla murech a ngikel; mrechii a rrull; brechel.
blurech a berruchel; mla oburech, omurech, mrechii, murech, brechel.
berruchel a blurech; mla oburech; mrechii a uel, murech, brechel.
/bruchel to be speared.
brechall a bruchel; omurech er a temekai, mrechii, murech, brechel.
bruchel a brechall; kirel el oburech; mrechii, murech, ngikel a brechall.
v.recip.spear each other.
kabereburech a didu el omurech; kabereburech a ngikel, mrechii a temekai, murech a meas, brechel.
keburechv.recip.spear each other.
keburech a di du el omurech; olab a biskang el keburech; mrechii a ngikel, murech, brechel.
oburechv.erg.oburech a blurech; berruchel; nguu a biskang el rusur; mrechii a temekai; brechel a ngikel. starting to spear.
omrechang a mocha omurech. about to spear.
omrechung a omurech e kung, mochu omurech.
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> The skillful fisherman speared 20 fish in the head.
> 20 fish were speared in the head by the skillful fisherman.
More Examples:
> I speared couple of sting rays, they are good for soup.

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