omerober, v.t.snatch; grab; seize; capture (land).
omerober a merober; melai el oba blekeu, chelbirukel; merberii a dui, bereberel a chutem. a omerober er ngii; mela el oba blekeu; bereberel a chutem. a omerober el oba klisiich; orrouk e melai; mereberii a udoud; merober a chutem, bereberel.
/bereball to be snatched, grabbed or seized; (land) is to be captured.
bereball a kirel el oberober, diak le le bereball a chutem, merober, mereberii a mesei, bereberel.
berroberv.r.s.snatched; grabbed; seized; (land) captured.
berrober a mla oberober; chutem a berrober er a ulecheracheb, mereberii, merober, bereberel.
kaiberoberv.recip.grapple with each other over something; dispute (land).
kaiberober a didu el omerober; kaiueribech; orribech; ruchad a kaiberober a chutem, mereberii, merober, bereberel a dui.
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> The crocodile and I had a snatching match for the crab in the channel.

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