, v.t.help; assist.
olengengeseu a ongeseu; ourreor el obengkel; ngoseuir; ngoseu a urreor; msa ngeso.
ngosuirv.pf.3sngosuir a olengeseu er ngii; msa ngeso.
dekaingeseuv.imp.3piLet's help each other!.
kaingeseuv.recip.help each other.
kaingeseu a didu el olengeseu, ngosuir a ousbech a ngeso; ngoseu a chelsang, rebeluu a kaingeseu.
v.a.s.is to be helped/assisted.
ngesool a kirel el mongeseu; olengeseu er ngii; ngosuir, smecher a ngesool; diak le ngesool a mesaik.
ulengeseuv.r.s.helped; assisted.
ulengeseu a a ngeso; mla mongeseu er a udoud; olengeseu er a chim; ulengeseu er a chelebuul; ulengeseuil.
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> The house was built to help my family.
> Those people have helped that dog.
> Can you help God stretch out the sky and make it as hard as polished metal?
> Steven is helping that person.
> Steven is helping those people.
More Examples:
> About dolphins, we know that they can help humans when humans get into trouble.
> My wife helped me this morning. Im so grateful.
> My cousins and I helped with some money for my uncle's wife.

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