olengit, v.t.beg (for); ask (for); appeal to.
olengit a melai el diak a cheral; ongit a udoud, kall; ongtir; "metara".
ongtirv.pf.3songtir a olengit er ngii; diak lomechar; ongil a tuu.
ongitv.pf.3p.inan.ongit a melai a lousbech el oba ngar eou el reng; mengeluch, ongtil a kall; ongit a udoud.
ulengitv.pf.3p.inan.pastulengit a mla mongit; mla ongtir a udoud; ongit a kall, ongtil.
kaiuengitv.recip.ask each other for (things).
kaiuengit a didu el olengit; ongtir a chemachel, ongit a di melai el diak lomechar; ongtil a kall.
mongitv.erg.mongit a ulengit; mla mengai; mla mongit a udoud; ongtir a beras, ongit a dekool; ongtil.
ongtiallv.a.s.is to be begged or asked for.
ongtiall a kirel el mongit; ongtil a udoud, ongtiall a udoud el ngeso er a reberriid er a eolt.
ulngitv.r.s.begged or asked for.
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> I need some financial help.
> I need a helping hand.
> All interested persons are invited to submit comments.
> Are you asking me?
> I'm asking you (for help); please
> Like receiving in Airai.
According to this saying, the people of Airai (central Palau) are likely to ask for those things they have in abundance. A wealthy man asking for financial help; a person asking for a cigarette when he has a pack in his pocket.

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