olengesenges, v.t.obey or consent (to order etc.) (especially out of politeness).
olengesenges a blak a rengul el orrenges e mtab; remenges e meruul; ungil el buai a olengesenges a llach; ngosenges; ongesengesel a llach.
ongesengesiiv.pf.3songesengesii a olengesenges er ngii; orrenges.
ongesengesv.pf.3p.inan.ongesenges a remenges e meruul; orrenges, olngesenges a llach, ongesengesel a llach.
kaiuesengesv.recip.obey (each other's orders, etc.).
kaongesengesv.recip.kaongesenges a kaiuerenges.
mongesengesv.erg.mongesenges a ulengesenges; mla mengai e morenges; olengesenges a llach; orrenges, ngosenges a llach.
ongesengesallv.a.s.is to be obeyed.
ongesengesall a kirel el morenges, llach er a buai a ongesengesall.
ulengesenges a mla mongesenges; remenges; mla morenges e tekingel; motirakl; olengesenges, llach a ulengesenges.
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