katsudo, n., [From Japanese] movie.
katsudo a movie .
> Are you going to the movies, or are you going to the party?
> I've given Droteo freedom (from earlier restrictions), so he can go to the movies.
> Don't go to the movies because you're to watch the house.
More Examples:
> We went to the movies
mesil, n., [From English] machine; motor; engine.
mesil a klalo el merasm a mamed; klekedall el usbechall er a meruul el klalo; mesil er a dengki; mesil el mesib; meselengel.
mesil er a dengkiexpr.generator.
mesil er a kallexpr.food grinder.
mesil er a katsudoexpr.movie-projector.
mesil er a mamedexpr.sewing machine.
> How will machines affect us?

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