omekerreu, v.t.take care of/protect (person or animal); obey.
omekerreu a kerekikl; ulekerreuil el mengedmokl a rechad; mekerreu a chutem, mekerreuir a delal, omecheliu er a ngii di le mechitechut e dmeu a rengul, ulekerreu.
/mekerreuir a omekerreu er ngii; ulekerreuil; kerekikl er ngii.
/milekerreuir a omekerreu er tir; omecheliu a rechad; kerekikl; ulekerreu.
ulekerreuiln.poss.3sulekerreuil a ulekerreu er ngii; omekerreu a rechad; kerekikl a tekoi; melatk a rechad.
kaukerreuv.recip.take care of each other.
kaukerreu a didu el omekerreu; omecheliu, mengedmokl, kaucheliu; mekerreuir, ulekerreu.
omekekerreuv.t.redup.omekekerreu a telkib el omekerreu.
ulekerreuv.r.s.(person or animal) taken care of or protected; obeyed; cared about; respected; obedient.
ulekerreu a klaubeltik el reng; kelatk, omecheliu a rechad; omekerreu a klauchd; ulekerreuil.
See also:
> You really don't obey your elders.
More Examples:
> Because of the love between us we care about each other's well being.

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