ousechelei, v.i.be friends with.
ousechelei a ngar ngii a sechelil.
kausecheleiv.recip.be friends with each other.
kausechelei a rechad el ta rengrir; osisiu a klemeriar er tir; klausechelei, sechelil.
kausesecheleiv.recip.redup.be casual friends with each other.
kausesechelei a didu el telkib el kausechelei.
ousecheleiv.i.have sex.
ousechelei a ngar ngii a sechelil.
ousesecheleiv.t.redup.be sort of friends with.
See also:
> Helen and I are friends.
> the two friends who planned to go fishing
> I'm a friend of Droteo's.
More Examples:
> I suspect that my spouse is having an affair.

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