chedebsungel el ked,
, n.
bead tree.
chedebsungel el ked a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar.
cheliliik, v.s.(food, etc.) dry or having little moisture or juice.
cheliliik a medirt; chemis, cheliliik el chutem, cheliliik el kall.
cheliliik el kedexpr.parched hillside.
ked, n.field; open; grassy (unforested) area.
ked a chutem el diak a kerrekar er ngii, kedengel. A ked a dirrek e mekididai e ng di diak a meklou el kerrekar er ngii. Ng di chudel me a chitouch me a mekekerei el kerrekar a ngar er ngii. Se er a irechar e ng dimlak a omeluk el chutem me ng dimlak a omelalem el smengt. A chad a sebechel el ouchutem el mo tmurk er a ked, e se el ked a mocha oliochel er ngii me a ta er a chad.
ked, n.person who directs the dancers, workers, warriors, etc. Especially when the direction includes some sort of chanting.
ked a oked; merreder, mesmechokl, kedul a ngloik, oked a urreor.
mengesekl, v.t.cook with spices; burn (pan) while cooking.
mengesekl a melul a kall er a bebul a beached; chosekl a diokang, choseklii a ngikel; cheseklel

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