chim, n.hand; arm; front paws (of animal); help; assistance; manual labor; person sent to help.
chim a klekedellel a chad el uldeod er a cheiechad, chim a orreked a klalo; chimal.
kemanget, n.length (of string, etc.) which exceeds what is needed or expected.
kemanget a chimal , expr.prone to stealing things.
klengar, n.existence; life.
klengar a ngar; ngar er ngii a telil; outeliil a chad; klengar a okedeldaol, kemanget a klengar er ngii.
telil, n.poss.3sbreath.
telil a eolt el tmuu e tuobed el okil a isngel me a ngerel a chad me a charm; ngar el chad a outeliil; ulekoad a diak a telil.
ues,; sight; view.
ues a odingel; kedung e kerekikl a meses el omes a rechad; ues el kemeldiil a kall el mo omes er a remengeung.

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