melamech, v.t.chew (betel nut); smoke (tobacco).
melamech a meringet a buuch; meloko a dekool, mengemechii, omngamech, omelemechel. a melamech er ngii. a melamech a chemachel.
chelamechv.r.s.(betel nut) chewed; (tobacco) smoked.
chelamech a mla mechamech; chomechii, chuamech a buuch, chemelel a chelamech meng dikeang.
chemachelv.a.s.(betel nut) is to be chewed; (tobacco) is to be smoked.
chemachel a redil el ourrot er a blil el motobed er a ocheraolbai me a klomengelungel, oungerachel a udoud me a rokui el tekoi.
kengamechv.recip.(each person) chew his own share of betel nut.
kengamech a di du el melamech.
mechamechv.erg.mechamech a mla chuamech a buuch; dikeang, melamech, chemechel.
v.t.redup.chew (betel nut) or smoke (tobacco) constantly.
melemelamech a melamech a state of having chewed betel.
nglemachel a melamech; diak a buuch me ng diak de nglemachel.
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> That family is well-known to have resources in betel nut.
> Is there anyone among you who smokes cigarettes.
> He smokes cigarettes constantly.
> He just likes to chew (betel nut) and doesn't do any work.
> Droteo smokes cigarettes when(ever) he studies.
More Examples:
> Are you going to chew betelnut again?
> Lukes was sulking because they chewed all of her betelnut.
> We should chew homegrown tobacco.

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